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Case studies

  • Shobie Lee

Why did you choose hairdressing?

I did not choose hairdressing; I wanted to be a makeup artist.  Hairdressing was an accident!

I needed to acquire qualifications that would enable me to pursue the career of my choice, as the job I wanted to enlist for would not take me on until I was 21 years old.  That is why I chose hair, beauty and wig making and did A-level art in the evening.

By the time I qualified as a hairdresser I felt I needed to earn some money, as I was fed up with being poor.  So I got a job in a hair salon, found that I really enjoyed it, and the rest is history.

Did your family support you?

That would have been really easy!  No, of course they did not!  Coming from a strict Indian family, they could not understand why I wanted to pursue an artistic career (hairdressing was in their view very low level work).

At 17 years of age I ran away and lived on my own, because my family did not agree with hairdressing and wanted to organise my life.  In order to complete my hair and beauty course, I gave up my A-level art in the evening to work in a bar for money so I could complete my course.

Have you had any prejudices directly related to your ethnicity and if so, how did you overcome them?

I have no prejudices, other than for malicious small minded people with them.

Some information about your salon and the benefits you feel you have gained from choosing hairdressing as a career?

Our salon was designed and created by my husband and I from a “shell” building in 2003.  It is very large with 15 mirror sections, a centre island incorporating the refreshments and colour bar , and a separate quiet shampoo room.  Our salon shop includes reception and is in the next shop unit, which gives us a very large street frontage.  The salon is fully air-conditioned and has special lighting to help give the best colour interpretation for our clients.

Choosing hairdressing as a career?  Where shall I start? 
I love it – and I still love it 35 years on.
Hairdressing for me is one of the loves of my life, and allows me to express myself.
Hairdressing makes me happy, even though running a business has its ups and downs!
Hairdressing is like going to a party most days, so I wake up ,looking forward to the day ahead.


  • Preeti

Hi, my name is Preeti.  I’m 19 years old.  I started my training in December 2007 working at Kula Kuts Hairdressers.  I joined the Keith Graham Academy in April 2008.  When I first started at Keith Graham Academy I felt very nervous and I had a slow start.  At the time my assessor was Ellie, I felt uncomfortable with her and though I was getting nowhere.  My assessor then changed to Theresa, and I felt at ease, as Theresa was very supportive of me and built up my confidence.

In December 2008, I was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and fluid on the lungs.  I was taken into intensive care and was put on a life support machine.  At the time I had a blood transfusion, two operations and spent two weeks in intensive care.  After two weeks I was taken off the life support machine and was put on a normal ward.  Then one by one the tubes were taken out, finally I was discharged at the end of January.

I was unable to return to the Keith Graham Academy for 3 months.  At the time the Academy were in weekly contact with my employer to check on my progress.  I returned to the Keith Graham Academy in April 2009, I was allowed to come in the morning and go home in the afternoon – I did this until I had my strength back to come in for a full day.

When I came back to the Academy full time again, my assessor really helped and supported me as I was behind with my NVQ and was not at the standard I should have been.  In September 2009 my salon let me go due to me not being at the standard I should have been.  Keith Graham Academy gave me the opportunity to attend four days a week so I could catch up and qualify.
From coming in 4 days a week and the help and encouragement from my assessor I have now qualified and my confidence has been boosted a lot.



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